Find our different tools to use premium service on your web site or modules. You can find all development information on Github repository.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want help to use our service.


To use the premium features you need to generate a hash containing your API key. This step is necessary to allow us to control the accounts.

Generating the hash needs to reach in a specific order all the information of the thumbnail. Consider the following information:

  1. Type : 3d (thumb, 3d, full)
  2. Url :
  3. Size : 640x480
  4. View : desktop (desktop, tablet, mobile)
  5. Secret Key : 123456azerty

Please observe the following order: Key, Size, Type, Url, View and separate them by a dash.

The key would be the following: 123456azerty-640x480-3d- You must then generate a sha1 hash of this string.

For full thumbs, you must specify only the width. For example, you should only use 640.

You can find a class PHP and some examples on our Github repository.

Custom thumbs

This premium option simply allows you to view your own image during thumb processing or when error occurs. Here is an example :

Custom image is used without any modifications. If you want to adjust the size of them in relation to the thumbnail, you must send a picture of an identical resolution.

Informative headers

To keep you informed of the thumb state, we send http headers. Here is the list:

An example of PHP code to process:

Hash generator

This generator allows you to test generating hashes of your tools. Fill in the different desired information and check the generated key.