Frequently Asked Questions

You can find here answers to your questions. However if you do not find your happiness, do not hesitate to contact us!

Easy-Thumb is free?

Yes ! You can use Easy Thumb-free without restrictions. The premium offer allows you to get additional customizations (3D thumbnails, thumbnail ... wait) but is not required for classic view.

How long put the thumbs to create?

If the queue is empty, the thumbnails take less than 30 seconds to create. Depending on the file, servers beings are added to reduce the wait time.

Is there a commitment for premium accounts?

No. You can always subscribe or unsubscribe. Go to premium menu options to manage your account. If you cancel your subscription during the month, your premium account remains active recess to the date paid.

Is it possible to test the premium service?

If you've never subscribed to the premium service, a week is offered when you purchase the offer without any conditions. Obviously you can cancel your subscription before your first debit takes place.

Can i manually update thumbnails?

There is currently no system to apply for updating thumbnails. However, they are updated every 30 days.

Can we capture pages requiring authentication?

No, for security reasons this feature is not available on Easy-Thumb.

What are the limitations of the free account?

The only limitation on the free account is on creating new miniatures. This limitation is intended to restrict the tamping attempts service. If you want to add a lot of thumbs, check the premium version.

In which case an error is displayed?

There are many cases of error display. Example: invalid url, long url, inaccessible site, incorrect premium settings...